Birmingham City University's Second 24 Hour Hackathon

Friday 3rd March - Saturday 4th March 2017, Birmingham City University, UK

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What is BCUHack?

BCUHack is a 24 hour Hackathon, which is free for students at Birmingham City University. A Hackathon is an event in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming. Programmers and web developers of all experience levels are welcome to participate and you do not need to be an expert.

This is a brilliant opportunity for you to develop new software, learn about new technologies, acquire new skills and meet new people. The Hackathon will involve you working in a team to develop software within the time frame. There will be challenges set by the event sponsors and you can create software on any platform, using the tools provided by our sponsors.

After the 24 hour programming period, the teams get together to present their new software to the sponsors and judging panel and prizes are awarded.

Where Will BCUHack Take Place?

BCUHack will take place in the centre of Birmingham at Millennium Point, which is part of Birmingham City University's City Centre Campus. The University can be easily accessed via road, rail and public transport.

BCUHack is a part of the BCU Employability Week, during which the university and its industrial partners will work with students to help develop their skills and improve their career readiness.

What Do I Need to Bring to Take Part?

Most importantly, you should bring is as much enthusiasm as you can muster! BCUHack is a brilliant opportunity to show off what you have learned as a Birmingham City University student and put it to the test. If you create a good software project or win a prize, this would greatly boost your employability and help you make a good impression when looking for a job.

You are recommended to bring a laptop with the software you need. University PCs will also be available. Most of the teams will continue working on their projects throughout the night and the university will remain open. You may also wish to bring a change of clothes, deodorant, sleeping bag, power extensions, any necessary adapters and any other equipment you wish to use. Food and drink will provided thanks to our sponsors and industrial partners.

As this event is only open to Birmingham City University students, please make sure you carry your student ID card.

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We are grateful to have had the support of many sponsors -, Clevercherry, Urban Hax, Codio, Microsoft and Birmingham City University.

Majestic set a challenge related to using their API, which has mapped the World Wide Web. This was won by the team behind "crawlr" - a tinder for web browsing based on Majestic data and machine learning.

Clevercherry set a challenge for the creative use of a social media API - this was won by the creators of "UNIcode" - a web application, which generates quizzes based on tweets, using some regular expressions.

Codio provided their online IDE and gave their prize to the best program built through it. "UNIcode" received this prize as well.

Urban Hax CIC wanted to promote STEM education amongst youth and their prize went to the the creators of the "iPiWatchPhone" - a multiplatform project involving a Raspberry Pi, a smartwatch and a smartphone.

For the overall Birmingham City University prizes and the BCUHack trophy: "iPiWatchPhone" came in 3rd, "crawlr" in 2nd and "UNIcode" in 1st.

The projects were all submitted to HackerEarth, where you can view them.

Birmingham City University provided 24 hour access to the venue and staffing, so that programming could continue overnight.

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